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Use it or lose it.

If your email contains an American formatted telephone number (telno) then quickly capture that information to your data enabled mobile phone. Warning: this only works if you have the ability to browse the web using your handset. If you don't know how to do this, stop now.

How it works:

You examine the email you have received from a new contact for a signature block of text. Once you find the line that contains your acquaintance's telno, locate the acquaintance's name. Forward the email to an address depending on the count of lines that the name appears on above the telno. For example, if the acquaintance's name is 3 lines above the telno, forward the message to 3@her.ph. (note 1, 2, 3 and 4@her.ph each look 1, 2, 3 and 4 lines above the telno for the name -- you pick the address that best matches the name/number relationship)

The use-it-or-lose-it service pulls the name/number and other details from the mail and posts it temporarily to an URL on the internet for you to pick up the text from. The link is based on your email's login-id part, except shortened by three characters in the following manner:


so, if you are 'gates@microsoft.com', the newly minted Vcard will appear at

Details of the vcard are discarded within a few hours of creation, since its expected that you are going to collect the information immediately, this enhances your privacy.


From: georgebush@example.com

To: 3@her.ph

Subject: Fw: Contributing

---------- original message ---------------

From: joe.user@example.com

To: georgebush@example.com

Subject: Contributing


  I belong to the Texas Young

Republicans group and would

like to know how to assist in your upcoming campaign.

Yours Truly,

Jane User

Founding Member


Ph: 972-555-1212 

A user, with login-id “georgebush” forwards an email containing contact information. He notices that the sender’s name appears, in closing, just three lines above the telephone number of his new contact. George is about to get a ride to the airport, so he’ll need this contact so he can call en-route. 





FN:Jane User


TITLE:Founding Member

NOTE:Email addr may be chgd.



The contact-filter receives the message, and parses out the key items, placing them in a standard “Vcard” format that is native to most digital phones.


DATA –> http://her.ph/a/georgeb.vcf

The contact-filter conveniently stores the Vcard file to wireless web file using the user’s login-id as a basis for the file name.


GET <— http://her.ph/a/georgeb.vcf

The user, starts his phone’s wireless browser, and obtains the Vcard



The user inspects the info, and stores it to his phonebook.


Why did I develop this?

Copyright 2004, Robert Rolnik